• Drop Off
    Below is a map that shows the drop off zone in the morning.  Please remember to pull forward, as far as you possibly can, within the drop zone.  The first car should not stop until you reach the orange cones at the front of the zone.  All other cars, within the zone should fill all available space, and kids should unload from wherever your vehicle stops within the zone.  Do not wait and drop off near the flagpole. Here is a map to assist you in understanding the procedure. Parents please be careful in the parking lots at all times. We do not recommend parking and having students walk in front of cars to the front door.
    Pick Up
    Please park in the parking lot and wait for your child. We will release students to their cars when it is safe. Students will not be permitted to enter a car that is waiting in line. All vehicles must be parked.
    Thank you for your support with drop off and pick up. Our goal is to keep all students safe while creating a smooth and efficient process for all of you. Thanks!