• Hello,

    I am very humbled to be a member of our 4-person high school administrative team and I am thrilled to live and work in such a thriving community where so much emphasis and pride rests on our children and their education. I have been part of this team for 7 years as the Secondary Principal of Instruction. I often get the question, "For which grade level are you the principal?" This is a great question, and usually, my answer is - I am not. Seven years ago, BAS and BHS administrators redesigned the administrative roles at the high school, creating a need for a principal to supervise curriculum, student assessment and data, and the professional development and evaluation of the teaching staff. In doing so, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Spry-Tellner, and Mr. Evans have been allowed to focus more attention on their students and families in their roles as grade-level principals. This has been an incredible experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with students, staff, and parents in this capacity.

    As stated above, I am a resident of Brighton. My wife, who also teaches at BAS, our two daughters, and I moved to Brighton in 2012. To be completely honest, we made this move first and foremost because of the school system. Brighton Area Schools has so many outstanding opportunities, programs, teachers, and ascending students. My wife and I tell each other all the time that we can not be happier with our decision to belong to this community and raise our girls as Brighton Bulldogs.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. If I cannot help you directly, I will do my best to connect you with someone who can. And as always, Go Dogs!  


    Jeffery Beane

Last Modified on February 23, 2022