Wagner's Website

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      You've discovered the site for all things "Wagner".

    This year your child and I will be learning about 8th Grade Science (Earth Science) together.  I may also have your child for the elective class of Inquiry Based Learning.

    *Note - To save kids the hassle of searching the site for events, homework, notes, etc., for these classes separately, they will be listed together and designated with SCI or PBL when mentioned on the daily calendar.

    By using the tabs at the left, you should be able to access the various features of the site, including:

    • Calendar - showing the day's homework, upcoming events, etc.
    • Online Resources - a listing of helpful websites for study topics, tools, games, etc.
    • Suggestions for Success - articles that may help students be more successful.

    If there is something you can't find or if you have any other questions, feel free to
    contact me either by voice-mail or e-mail. 

    I try to check both daily (barring global disasters or a lapse in memory).

    *Note: If you need to reach me that day, my prep period is from

                 11:03-12:37 (4th Hour & lunch together).