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Each department has put together a video in regards to what they are offering for the 2022- 23 school year. Also available are the CTE offerings, both here at the high school and at other sites in the district. You may click each link for information on each course.

  • Brighton High School Curriculum Videos:

    English Link

    Social Studies Links: TT AmDream MilHist Sociology APUSH Close-up Current Psychology APWorld APEuro

    Teacher Cadet, Personal Power, Successful Relationships, House and Home & AP Computer Science Link

    Personal Finance, Marching Band & LINK Program Link

    Business Courses, Preschool & Child Development Link

    Choir Spanish, French & ASL Link

    PE, Auto, Engineering & Peer Mediation Link

    Graphics, Health OCC, & Art Link

    CTE Programs Available in the County:

    Link to Graphics Design- Brighton HS

    Link to Early Childhood Ed- Brighton HS

    Link to Health Occupations- Brighton HS

    Link to Early Childhood Ed- Howell HS

    Link to Firefighter Program- Howell HS

    Link to CAD- Howell HS with teacher message

    Link to AgriScience- Fowlerville HS

    Link to Aviation- Crosswinds Aviation

    Link to Cosmetology- Brighton Institute of Cosmetology

    Link to EMT- Livingston EMS

    Link to the Energy Program- Hartland HS

    Link to the Cyber Security/Computer Networking Program- Pinckney HS