Unit 3 - Economics and the Public Sector

  • Unit Objectives:

    1.  Students will understand the regulatory roles that the government plays in our economy.

    2.  Students will understand what taxes are and what their role is in the economy, i.e. revenue generation.

    3.  Students will analyze the effects of various taxes and types of taxes on the individual and on society as a whole.

    4.  Students will be able to explain the various tools that are used through fiscal and monetary policy to stabilize the economy and to analyze their effectiveness.

    5.  Students will be able to identify trends in unemployment and inflation and understand what they tell us about the health of the economy.

    6.  Students will analyze the trends that are shaping today’s labor market.

    7.  Students will be able to compare wages/earnings and determine the factors that influence wages.

    8.  Students will understand the role unions play in the labor market, both historically and today.

    Essential Questions:

    1.  How should the government carry out its economic role?

    2.  Where does the government get its money and how does it spend it?

    3.  How has the economy of the U.S. historically grown and shrunk?

    4.  What is the role of labor in the market economy?