Trip Information

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Our trip is just around the corner and we will soon be leaving for an exciting week in Washington, D.C. 

Please read all of the information below and contact us if you have any questions (contact info on last page).

I.              Absences

I have informed the attendance office and the teaching staff that students will be missing class. It is however the student’s responsibility, prior to leaving, to check with each individual teacher for specific rules involving make-up work.

II.            Clothes and Packing

Attire is casual. You will be walking a great deal so good walking shoes are important for this trip. Temperatures can vary but it should be about 10 degrees warmer than Michigan. Consider having options and layers for cooler mornings and evenings. I also recommend bringing a travel umbrella, as rain will not cancel outdoor activities. 

There will be two outings which males must wear a coat and tie and females should wear an appropriate skirt or dress, or dressy pants. These are Capitol Hill Day and the Farewell Banquet and Dance on Thursday night.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

III.           Rules

Please go over the Close Up rules with your student to be sure the rules are understood. Rules are strictly enforced; students will be sent home at their own expense and no refund will be given if any of the rules are violated. New rules for free time while on the program have been discussed and students must have written permission to leave the area surrounding the hotel.

IV.          Hotel

1401 Lee Highway
Arlington VA 22209

Close Up Emergency Number (Day or Night):                       703-706-3505

V.           Cell Phones

Students may bring a cell phone, and are encouraged to do so in case of an emergency, however Close Up requires that cell phones be turned off while “on program.” Appropriate use of cell phones is expected.

There will be a phone in my room where you can reach me if necessary.

VI.          Flight Information


You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport; you may want to consider car-pooling. If your parent is not picking you up on Friday, I will need a note from your parent giving you permission to leave with another parent, friend, etc. We will meet in the McNamara Terminal two (2) hours before our scheduled departure. Traveling with a large group requires extra time to check in and with extra security measures being taken it is necessary to be on time. Students will need either a driver’s license or school ID. You may credit your frequent flier account if you have your card/number with you at check in.

Leave Sunday, April 10, 2011 – DELTA AIR LINES Airline Flight #1434

Dep DETROIT                                                          08:45 AM

Arr REAGAN WASHINGTON NAT'L                                 10:15 AM

We will check in as a group. DO NOT get in line to get your boarding pass. Meet in the McNamara Terminal and we will check in together. After checking our luggage the entire group will proceed through security before entering the terminal. Parents will not be allowed in the terminal. Remember that there are more stringent security measures in place now, including high-tech scanners and pat downs.

Return Friday, April 15, 2011 – DELTA AIR LINES Airline Flight #1745

Dep REAGAN WASHINGTON NAT'L                  11:05 AM

Arr DETROIT                                              12:39 PM

Please meet your son/daughter at the Delta baggage area as only ticketed passengers are allowed at the gate. I will not release a student in my care to another adult (other than their parent), or a friend without written permission from a parent. Students must check out with one of the official chaperones before leaving the airport.

VII.         Other Schools

One of the positives of this program is the opportunity students have to meet other students from across the country. Students always tell me this is one of the best parts of their experience. Students that you room with may also be from a different cultural background than yours; keep an open mind and enjoy the experience. So far, students will be attending the trip from the following states (subject to change): Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Washington.

VIII.       Roommates/Gifts

You are allowed to room with one other student from Brighton. Your other two roommates will be from another state. In the past some students have brought a gift from our state to exchange. Although this is a great icebreaker when you first meet, this is not required, nor can I guarantee it will be reciprocated.

We also suggest you set GROUND RULES with your roommate the first night. Close Up does not allow roommate switches under any circumstances.

IX.          Banquet

Thursday night is the Farewell Banquet. This will be an opportunity to have dinner together and share highlights from your week with one another. Students may be asked to share their weeklong experiences with the entire group – take the challenge and do it! The dinner banquet will be followed by a student dance. Students must behave and act appropriately in this venue as well.

X.           Spending Money

Close Up covers all expenses while you are “on program.” Students generally spend extra money on souvenirs, snacks, and late night pizza. You will want to have money for food (lunch) on Sunday when we first arrive in D.C. around lunchtime. The first “on program” meal is dinner on Sunday night. You may also want extra money depending on what you do during your “choice time” on Thursday. Some museums, such as the Newseum, have an admission fee associated with them. You will also need money for the Metro line on Sunday, and on the choice day. In the past, parents have given a small amount of cash, and a “pre-paid” credit card with a limit as to how much to spend. No matter what arrangement you choose, make sure student’s know to budget appropriately. As with any trip, there are plenty of items you can spend your money on, however it isn’t always necessary.

XI.          Chaperones

Mrs. Holowicki, Mrs. Eby, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Buchanan will supervise Trip 1.

Mrs. Holowicki and her husband, Josh Holowicki will supervise Trip 2.

XII.         Safety and Security

Students are supervised while on program by a team of instructors and a Brighton teacher. Instructors are trained in First Aid and CPR. Hall monitors and resident counselors are stationed at every hotel, and an ER-trained nurse is available 24-7. Close Up is also a partner with Georgetown University Hospital, giving students access to the city’s best medical care. Students must have their signed medical release forms turned into their teacher by the Friday before Sunday departure.

XIII.       Baggage

Delta is charging $23 for the first checked bag if checked in online or $25 USD/CAD* at the airport kiosk, ticket counter or curbside. This charge will be applied each way. Bags weighing over 50 pounds will be charged an additional fee. Students should be prepared to pay the checked baggage fee, cash or credit, at check in.   You should also check the FAA website for additional restrictions (no liquid’s over 3.4 ounces in carry on bag, etc). Coordinate with your roommate for packing items like hair dryers. ALL PRESCRIPTIONS MUST BE IN THE PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE. Please pack only what you need and be sure all bags being checked are identified with the Close Up tag.

XIV.      College Credit

Students who complete the program are eligible to earn 1 college credit from the University of Virginia. Check the Close Up website prior to participation for details.

XV.        Daily Participation

Students are required to participate in all scheduled daily events unless excused by the program nurse. STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE THE PROGRAM EXCEPT BY PERMISSION FROM THE CLOSE UP PROGRAM SUPERVISOR. A student planning on visiting with relatives on Thursday, must have written permission from a parent. Refer to the handout on “choice day planning” for more specific information.

Remember: You have a great opportunity to experience one of the most exciting cities in the world; Washington, D.C. and meet new friends from across the country. Remember to take along a good attitude and make the most of this trip. Have fun and be safe!

XVI.      Contact Info

Michelle Holowicki                          Teresa Eby      

School: 810-299-4100

Voicemail: 71090                             Voicemail: 71044