Support Groups

  • Support Groups – Weekly or bi-weekly groups provide educational support to students in a variety of areas. Group discussions focus on self-management, coping skills, communication skills, and self-empowerment. The groups are not intended to stand in the place of individual or family therapy.  The groups include:

    • Family - for students experiencing difficult family relationships or problems, especially those associated with divorce, blended families, or consequences associated with substance abuse or domestic violence. 
    • Relationships - for students concerned about forming healthy, abuse-free relationships or those affected by domestic or dating violence. 
    • Insight - for students concerned about their own involvement with alcohol or other drugs. This group can be assigned as a reduction in out-of-school suspension days for handbook violations related to substance abuse. 
    • R & R – Relaxation and Rejuvenation Group for students dealing with depression and anxiety.
    • Grief and Loss - for students dealing with loss due to the death or serious illness of a relative or close friend.
    Services are coordinated out of the Administrative Office. Phone: 810-299-4113