Lesson Extension

  • Welcome to the Lesson Extension page!  For some learners, seeing the material we're covering in class in a new way may help them grasp the concept better.  Also, any of these sites would provide a good review of the material before a test or quiz.


    Earth System Science:
    Fires at Yellowstone - Good examples of two-step interactions and causal chains.

    Carbon Cycle:
    Carbon Cycle Game - an interactive animation to review how the carbon cycle works.
    Carbon Cycle Interactive Lesson - click and learn about each part of the cycle.

    Interior of the Earth
    Earth's Structure - An interactive model of the Earth.

    Elastic Rebound Theory - You-Tube video with narration.

    Volcano Explorer - Interactive animated website from Discovery Kids.

    Rocks & Rock Cycle:
    Rocks Interactive - Step-by-step interactive lessons, review game, and quiz.
    Rock Cycle - Step-by-step info and animations.

    Plate Tectonics:
    All About Plate Tectonics - Review of why plates moves and the types of plate boundaries.
    Plate Boundaries - Animated review of the types of boundaries and the features they create.

    Relative Dating:
    Stratigraphy - Short narrated animation showing reasons for changes to an area's layers

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