Beyond the Lesson

  • Welcome to the Beyond the Lesson page!  Below are groupings of online websites that can take you deeper into the topics covered in class.  These sites would be a great start for research or for your own interest.

    Earth System Science & Carbon Cycle:

    Earth System Science in a Nutshell - An overview of ESS by Mark Ruzek from the Universities Space Research Association.

    ESS You-Tube video - The ESS video seen in class.

    Global Methane Initiative - From the Environmental Protection Agency site, provides detailed info about global methane issues and facts as touched on in class during the carbon  lessons.

    Your Carbon Diet - Interactive site featuring tips for reducing household carbon production.

    Ocean Acidification FAQ - Questions and answers about ocean acidification.

    Combination Sites (more than one branch of earth science):

    Windows to the Universe - National Earth Science Teachers Association website.

    OLogy - The American Museum of Natural History's website for kids.

    National Geographic - An excellent site for articles and T.V. listings for shows about the planet Earth (geology, weather, zoology, etc.).

    National Geographic Kids - National Geographic with a focus on kid-centered topics.

    NOAA Education - Educational website by NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheris Administration) - great info and pictures about anything from tsunamis to hurricanes to marine life.

    Forces of Nature - National Geo. interactive site about volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

    EPA for Students - kid oriented site produced by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Deals with the science and laws necessary for preserving our national resources.

    The JASON Project - connects students with scientists and researchers in real- and near-real time, virtually and physically, to provide mentored, authentic and enriching science learning experiences.


    NASA - Excellent source for cutting edge space topics and history.
    • NASA Science - Sub-site at NASA focusing on educational topics. - The Universe - History Channel's website for the series "The Universe", complete with videos, full length episodes, articles, etc.

    The Aurora Page - Website dedicated to the Northern Lights phenomenon.

    Universe & Big Bang - Video Collection - Birth of the Universe series, parts 1-4.

    Black Holes - Interactive website from the Hubble website.

    PlanetQuest - NASA site for the discovery of other Earth-like planets.


    SpaceTime Video - PBS video on the breakdown of time.


    U.S.G.S. (United States Geologic Survey) - Our national agency dealing with all things geologic.
    Interactives: Dynamic Earth - Interactive site that reviews what we cover about the interior of the Earth, plate tectonics, and plate boundaries with interactive animations, articles, and fun quizzes.

    Volcano World - Website dedicated to volcanoes.  Great articles, videos, pics, and virtual tours.

    The Image - A site dedicated to pictures and information about gemstones and minerals.

    Virtual Cave - A site explaining and showing pictures of all the cave types, formations, etc.

    Hydrology & Oceanography:

    Watershed & Hydrologic Cycle - Info & animations about the watershed and hydrologic cycle.

    Immersion Learning - Exposes students to ongoing scientific oceanic expeditions in an effort to ignite their interest in real discovery and learning.  Includes programs about the expeditions, videos, games, message boards, etc.

    Florida Springs - Interactive site with information about the importance of natural springs.

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