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    Sept. 2018 Newsletter


    Welcome Parents, 

         September is almost here and we are ready to begin! Hope you had a TERRIFIC vacation!  It will be great to get back to class!

         7th and 8th grade orientation and registration will be held during the last week of August.  I hope you can stop by to pick up schedules, locker assignments, order a Yearbook (cheaper if ordered at the beginning of the year and not necessarily available in June 2018), and have the I.D. picture taken. If you can’t make it, we can take care of the I.D. pictures on Picture Retake day later in Sept.  I will be in my room on Monday, August 27 from 9-10 am if you and your student would like to stop by- we are in Room 4 near the blue lockers on the west side of the Media Center.

         School will begin with a full day on Tuesday, Sept. 4.  You do not need to send any school supplies- we have everything we need in the room.  It is advisable to leave cell phones and tablets at home unless your student can take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for them.  The school policy for cell phones is listed in the Student Handbook which you can find online (Basically they are not allowed to be turned on in class without permission from the teacher. They may not be used to take pictures of other students without their permission. If used at inappropriate times, they may be taken away.)

         Lockers are located outside of Room 4. If your child is usable to use a combination lock, he or she will need a lock for their locker with their name on it, and a key- but keep an extra key at home or send it for me to keep in my desk! If your child can use the combination lock already on the lockers, please let me know; otherwise the custodian will take off the combo lock. I recommend leaving their locker key at school to make it easier to keep track of. We try to keep a close eye on them but they have been known to disappear.  For their personal safety in case of an emergency, students are required to wear their Student ID tag every day in a visible place (district policy for all students at middle school) and keeping the locker key on the same lanyard or belt/belt loop is a great idea.  If your student has sensory issues that make wearing a nametag uncomfortable. Please let me know.  

           Also, please let me know if your child requires medication during the day or has any new dietary concerns not noted in the I.E.P., including pain medication such as Tylenol.  Meds must be kept in the office and appropriate medical paperwork filled out (available in the office).  Our room can be warm or cool, so dressing in layers is not a bad idea.  Please review the Scranton dress code and help us enforce it.  Feel free to send a water bottle daily. There will be a snack break near 10:00 each morning and lunch/recess will be at noon. Students may go outside to the sports fields or track after they finish eating, but it is optional.

           If your student rides the LESA bus, please remember to notify the bus garage if your student is not coming to school.  If you don’t, it could affect your access to the LESA bus.  Also, you will need to call the Scranton office to excuse the absence.  If you do not notify the office, the absence is considered unexcused.  If arriving late, students must check in in the office. If you are picking up your student early, we will try and have them waiting in the office.

           I will be sending a daily e-mail to let you know what we did during each class.  On my website you will find a monthly newsletter detailing our upcoming plans for each subject.  Grades are posted regularly and are available through Parent and Student Connect (access directions available in the office).  Homework assignments will be posted on my website pages.  Students with communication challenges may complete a daily Student/Parent letter so that they can share activities with you after school.  Please check out the monthly postings on 'Our Class in Pictures' (subpage on my website) where 10-30 pictures of our class at work can be found.  If you do not want pictures of your child on the website (never any names) please let me know.  Daily work will be sent home every 2 weeks or so.  I.E.P. progress reports will be sent home in print at the end of each quarter.  Gen ed report cards will be available online (if you do not have a computer,  please contact the office for a print copy quarterly.)  Curriculum Night will be held in late Sept  and I will be scheduling 3- week conferences around that time.

           Please check out the syllabi for each class posted on my website.  I will be teaching a writing class, a reading class including F.A.S.T. Phonics, a math class, a Science class, and a U.S. history class. Gen ed peers from the WEB program will attend some of my classes to support student learning and promote social interaction. Students who attend gen ed electives will have para support as noted in their I.E.P.s.  Students that require less support will be paired with gen ed students for support.

            I am looking forward to working with your family to make this a great year!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  The best way to reach me is by e-mail and I will get back to you promptly.  Thanks you in advance for your support and collaboration. 


    Regards,    Dee Campbell  


    My classroom phone number is:   810  299-3700  My voice mail is:   73520   (checked weekly)     My email address is:  (checked throughout the day and best way to reach me)    

    LESA Bus Garage  - 517 548 3052       

    Brighton Transportation -   819 299 3890