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            In Quarter 3, Group 1 will work on reading prices, Touch Point addition, money skills including use of calculator to add 2 prices on items from the class store and identify the next dollar amount, subtraction using manipulatives and pictures, and measurement with non-standard units.
            Group 2 will review function boxes with addition, subtraction and multiplication rules, multiplication facts, 2 step word problems  with addition, subtraction and multiplication required(to maintain skill), and money skills including calculatoin of sales tax and 20% tip.
    IXL homework will be completed online and assignments sent home in print and posted on this website. The teacher will introduce it in class and let students practice to check for understanding.
    Your student's IXL login and password will be sent home in print on Sept 3. He or she will also have a typed copy in their pencil box.
    Group 2   IXL HOMEWORK:

    3rd grade- Understanding Fractions

    1. 17 Unit ractions- Modeling Word Problems

    W.18 Unit Fractions- Word Problems



    For more math vocabulary practice- go to the interactive dictionary website at: