Fundraising Opportunities

  • Our Fundraising Philosophy

    As educators, we look for learning opportunities in everything we do.  For students who may need financial assistance to attend, we not only want to provide a possible means for raising needed funds, but also the opportunity for personal growth by having students play a primary role in the process.  By taking an active hand in raising at least a portion of their own funds, students will be learning about long-term planning, time management, and fiscal responsibility.

    To this end, the opportunities provided by the school will offer each interested student a chance to raise their own funds to be applied directly to their individual accounts for the cost of their trip.  Though we may organize fund-raising activities or establish scholarships for truly needy individuals (see "Scholarships" below), these activities will be clearly designated as such. 
    Again, the funds raised by students participating in General Fund-raising activities (see below) do NOT go into a "slush fund", but are applied directly to the individual accounts of the student who raised those funds.

    Application of Funds to Student Accounts

    Funds raised by individual students will be tracked on a spreadsheet by Scranton's secretary, Ms. Kilpatrick.  She will periodically e-mail the most current spreadsheet to Brightspark.  The funds listed will be credited to each individual student's account. Student Adventures will then send an invoice for the sum owed, at which time, funds held by Scranton Middle School for those individuals will be sent to Student Adventures.  If the amount raised by the student exceeds the total amount of the trip, a refund will be made to SMS for the excess funds.  These funds will then be placed in an account to provide scholarships to students with financial needs.  If the family had already made a cash payment to Student Adventures, SMS will refund the family any "out of pocket" expenses before transferring the remaining funds into the scholarship account.  If a child cancels their trip, any dollars earned through fundraising are returned to SMS and deposited in the scholarship account.

    Money earned for the scholarship fund will be held until such a time that the method of awarding those funds is determined.

    Fund Raising Opportunities:

    NOTE: The link below is for last year's 2016-17 trip.  When the 2017-18 trip fundraising opportunities and dates are confirmed, we will update the link, but this should provide you an idea of the types of opportunities we are likely to have this year.

    To visit the Washington Fundraising Opportunities page, click on the following link:


    If there is any financial help that you would like to seek please return to this website for further information at the beginning of the 2017 school year. Scholarship applications will be available at that point and need to be submitted no later than Oct. 15, 2017. Please still be sure to register your student through Student Adventures prior to applying.

    Other Fundraising Ideas:

    Students are encouraged to find other ways to raise money for the trip.  Below are some ideas for you to try:

    • Baby-sitting
    • Neighborhood bottle and can drive - ask your neighbors to donate their returnables.
    • Shovel snow
    • Pet-sitting or dog walking
    • Donation envelope at your parents' place of business - you might write the doners a short report about your trip when completed so that they can see how educational it was for you.
    • Tutoring