Safety & Security

  • Knowing that this may be the first time your child has participated in a multiple-night trip without you along, both the staff of Scranton Middle School and Student Adventures wish to allay any concerns you might have about your child's safety and security while on the Washington D.C. trip.  Below is a list of services that your child will enjoy as part of this trip.

    Included Safety Oriented Services from Student Adventures:

    NAME TAGS and 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE - We provide each trip participant with a lanyard and name badge that includes a 24-hour emergency toll-free phone number.  As an additional safety precaution we encourage each participant to add this emergency number to their cell phones.

    EMERGENCY ON CALL PHYSICIANOn-site Medical Access provided by George Washington University, delivers immediate and personalized care in the comfort of your hotel, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is provided in the event of an emergency only or if a student becomes too ill to leave the hotel to visit a local urgent care.

    NIGHTTIME SECURITY - We provide nighttime security service to ensure the safety of students and allow teachers and chaperons to get a good night's rest.

    STATE CERTIFIED MOTOR COACHES - We use coaches from reputable and dependable student transportation specialists.

    EXPERIENCED TOUR DIRECTORS - We hire and train experienced Tour Directors who will travel with you throughout the duration of your tour. Our Tour Directors handle every trip detail and look out for the welfare of every person in the group.

     HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE - We provide all participants with on trip Health and Accident Coverage. Included coverage is, $3000 reimbursement for medical, hospital, dental and accidents.

    3 STAR OR BETTER HOTELS - We contract with nationally recognized hotels that are appropriate for student groups and have high safety standards and ratings.

    You will travel with the confidence knowing that every precaution has been taken and your students are in the care travel professionals.

    Our pledge to you is that Student Adventures will always place student safety first!

    * If you have further safety questions, call (877) 873-7550 or visit us (Here).