Homeroom/Team Announcements

  •  Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 Worthing/Robertson Team!

    Beginning sixth grade is an exciting step forward in your child's education.  We will do our best to help them transition as the days and weeks progress and to prepare them for middle school next year. 

    I've tried to include some of the most important information about our procedures below. You can also find all this information in the downloadable brochure found at the bottom of this page.

    Homeroom: Your child will spend more than half of every day with their homeroom teacher. While your child will participate in both whole team and cross-classroom activities this year, on most days they will travel exclusively with their homeroom. You should feel free to contact either of your child's teachers with content specific questions or concerns, but your child's homeroom teacher will be the one who handles general issues.

    Classroom Supplies: While everything that your child needs to learn will be provided for them, a list of suggested supplies will be available at registration.  Let us know if you didn't get one. Students will be required to store their personal supplies in their lockers, as our desks in 6th grade are not designed for storage, and this practice helps them to prepare for 7th grade.  A white board outside each classroom will list what they will need to bring to class each day.  

    Daily Snacks/Water Bottles: Please have your child pack a water bottle every day. We will have a time designated for a morning snack every day. Please try to pack something healthy and avoid snacks containing nuts to keep those with allergies safe. We do not allow candy, pop, juice, Gatorade, etc. 

    Planners: Planners are used on a daily basis and are a vital organization tool for students.  Assignments are posted in the classrooms and on the classroom websites. Students are expected to copy assignments and due dates in their planners every day.  We encourage you to check your student's planner, although we do not require daily parent signatures, as required in many 5th grade classrooms, unless organization/homework completion becomes an issue for your child. 

    Websites: Check teacher websites frequently for important announcements, useful links, homework help, classroom handouts, and an assignment calendar. 

    Google Classroom: Google Classroom will be used for delivery of some assignments and digital activities. Also, in the event that any student is absent for any length of time, it will be the main way that work will be delivered to your child. 

    Parent Connect: We highly recommend you check parent connect, the online grading program, weekly to keep track of your child's progress in his or her classes. You can find more information about this useful resource by following the link in the navigation bar on the left.

    Remind.com: Follow this link for directions on how to sign up to receive text message reminders about important events on the Worthing/Robertson team. 

    Email: E-mail is our preferred means of communication.  We check our email as often as instruction allows, and always at least once a day.  However, please be aware that communication that is especially time sensitive, like changes in bussing or pick-up procedures, must go through the office.

    Planning Time: Mrs. Roberston and Mrs. Worthing have planning time this year from 9:56 to 10:56. We are usually able to read emails or return phone calls during this time. We will always answer your questions and/or address any concerns as soon as possible.

    MIS DOG tags/Team Norms: We will establish team rules and norms together with the students during the first few weeks of school. We also follow the Maltby DOG tag program to encourage daily positive behavior and good choices.

    Conferencing: Because our top priority is to prepare and deliver quality instruction, we ask you to prearrange visits and conference times. This will ensure adequate time for your concerns to be addressed and allow us an opportunity to prepare for the meeting. We know how important your children are and are always willing to make arrangements to talk with you. Fall conferences usually occur in early November. Please look for information about how to schedule this conference in mid-October. 

    Attendance/Illness: We thank you in advance for being diligent about keeping your child home if they show any signs of illness. For absences of one or two days, please reference the website calendars and Google Classroom. For absences of more than two days due to illness, please also have your child email their teachers for more detailed instructions. Work will not be provided in advance of absences due to vacations, but will be posted daily on the website calendars and Google Classroom. 

    Encore Schedule: Encores will run on a quarterly schedule this year. On A Days students will rotate through Art, P.E., Spanish & STEAM.  On B Days, students will have their year-long choice of Band, Orchestra, Music or Year-Long P.E.

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