Word Study

  • Students build vocabulary from a roots-based perspective. The student text
    emphasizes a deeper understanding of words
    Greek and Latin Roots
    Word origins and etymology
    Synonyms and antonyms
    Word study will begin second marking period

    One way to study is to use a website called QUIZLET.  Here, students can play games and print flashcards to help them study the words and meanings.  

    To access QUIZLET:

    -       Go to the webpage found at www. Quizlet.com

    -       In the search box type:  Maltby

    -       A variety of projects will show up.  You will want to look for the ones that say: 

    -5th grade classical roots L.1 (lesson 1)

    -5th grade roots L.2 (lesson 2)

    -5th grade roots L.3 (lesson 3)