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    -Must be signed by an adult each night


    Accelerated Reader (AR)

    Students select their own book and read at their own pace. Each book is assigned a point value based on the number of words and difficulty.  After reading the student takes a multiple choice comprehension test.


    Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)

    This test is given four times throughout the year. It is used to monitor progress and target reading instruction.


    Birthday Treats

    Birthday treats are welcomed.  Please feel free to send a simple, individually cut treat (cookie, brownie, cupcakes, etc.) with your child on the special day or on a convenient day if your child’s birthday falls on a weekend or vacation.  We have 34 students in our classroom.  Please include napkins.  It is not necessary to arrange this with me ahead of time.



    Your child is welcome to bring a snack and a bottle of water.  Please be sure that the snack is healthy and nutritious, as this will help your child concentrate and function throughout the day.


    Maltby Pride Card System

    -Recognizes students for being responsible in their daily actions

    -Students must wear ID and PRIDE card at all times

    -Weekly classroom rewards a student cannot have 3 missing assignments or a detention.
    -To participate in quarterly rewards a student cannot have 3 demerits/3 detentions/ or combo,

     10 late assignments, no D’s, E’s, or 4-5’s in Citizenship


    Communication Folder

    I will be sending home a weekly communication folder each Friday.  Inside you can expect to find graded assignments, notes, and/or papers that need to be corrected.  Most reading and writing assignments will stay in your child’s workshop folder and will not be sent home in the communication folder.   Please date and sign the folder each week.  Feel free to make any additional comments or write questions when you feel necessary.  Please make sure that your child brings their signed folder back to school on Mondays.  This will be an effective way to communicate between school and home.  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to look through your child’s folder each week.



    -October 17,18,19

    -Cost TBD

    - Camp Parent Information Night:  

    -Chaperones needed for day/night shifts

    -Parents can volunteer to chaperone several shifts but the school will make an effort to assign shifts to all interested families before multiple shifts are considered for one family