• Math

    In 6th grade we will continue working with Everyday Mathematics.  Typically we will complete 1 lesson a day.  Reviews will be given in class prior to tests though I encourage students to additionally look through their journals and online resources at home to study before tests are given.  Test are broken up by learning target and there will typically be two tests that assess 2-3 learning targets given each unit.

    Expect to have 1 homework assignment nightly in the form of a Home Link.  Home Links are given in packets at the beginning of each unit and serve as at home practice for new concepts learned on the day they are assigned as homework.

    If students are in need of extra help at home, I encourage them to use their online Student Reference Book or to visit an online resource such as Kahn Academy or Math is Fun.  All of these are excellent resources that present concepts clearly.

    Should students forget their Home Link packet, they can access it through their EDM login.


    Test Information

    Tests are worth 100% of each student's grade.  Students can retake tests numerous times should they do poorly on them up until the next unit's test is given (roughly a 3 week window).  The first test retake will be scheduled by me but any additional retakes are the student's responsibility to schedule time for.

    Tests will be shown on report cards/parent connect as Learning Targets.  Learning Targets are the specific skills students must master for each math unit.  Tests are broken down by targets so students can be aware of what specific skills they are weak in.

    Home links will be recorded in the online grade book (which you can reference through parent connect) as a score of either 0 or 1.  0 indicates the homework assignment was incomplete and a 1 indicates that the homework was completed. 


    Assignments in math are graded as follows:

    Tests: 100%

    Quizzes/Homework: 0%


    Retake Procedure

    In order to retake a learning target(s), students must first correct the mistakes that they made on their original test using a math corrections sheet (see attached).  On the day that they wish to retake their test, the student must turn in their original test and their corrections sheet to me to be given a retake test.

    Students may attempt to retake learning targets until we test for the next unit.

    Math Test Corrections