5th grade vocal music class

  • Hello 5th grade vocal music parents and students!Sign, Black, Music, Note,

       Our last concert of the year is in just a few weeks.       We will be having a rehearsal at the BCPA in the high school during the day of their concert.  Monday, June 6, 2016. Students should arrive at the BCPA that night at 6:30 and the concert will start at 7:00pm.  This is the part where I need the help from the parents.  We will be walking to the BCPA after school starts at approximately 8:45am and then walking back around 2:00pm.  I am looking for as many chaperones as possible to walk with me and the students to and from the high school.  If you are available to help, please email me or fill out the attached form and have your son/daughter return it.  I will not be able to have this rehearsal without parent chaperones therefore your help will be much appreciated.  

          The students will be eating lunch at the high school.  They may bring a cold lunch with them or bring $3.00 to school by June 2 for pizza and water.  If they chose to bring a lunch please make sure the items do not need to be refrigerated or heated up.  We will most likely be eating outside.

        The costumes for the show are as follows:

    1st hour - “Tarzan” shirts and pants that are green, dark green or brown.  Jungle colors.

    2nd hour - “Annie” The students have been assigned specific costumes.  Orphans should wear drab colors such as brown, beige, or gray.

    3rd hour -  “Enchanted” Boys are to wear dress pants and a collared shirt, a tie is optional.  Girls are to wear bright colored dresses or skirts.  Skirts should be below at the knee or below it.

    5th hour - “Into the Woods”  Each student has been assigned a specific character.

    6th hour - “Sound of Music”  All white or white top with khaki bottom.

         “Phantom of the Opera”  All black with red accent optional (tie, scarf, necklace…)

    Please make sure the students do not wear very brightly colored tennis shoes and  flip-flops and other strapless shoes are not permitted for the concert.  If you having any trouble finding something for your son/daughter please let me know.

      Please email me with any questions, concerns, or if you’re available to help in any way.


    Corrine Shourds   shourdc@brightonk12.com