6th Grade Choir Class - 6th Grade Choir



    Music/choir class is a comprehensive class for 6th grade students that provide exploratory activities in vocal music, drama, music theory, history, composition, dance and music technology.    Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in each of the five art subjects. By incorporating their skills, students will create and produce original performances that include music and drama.


    Course Objectives:  

    • Music is learned through listening, performing and creating.
    • Music learning involves solving musical problems – listening, creating, and performing problems.
    • Many aspects of music are related to other disciplines, including symbolic representations of ideas, pattern, form, structure, shape, color, and interpretation in other arts (including language arts); connection to ratio and sets in math; study of sound in science; and historical and cultural connections in social studies.
    • There will be a wide range of musical concepts with historical and cultural authenticities within different music styles and genres.
    • Music making in this class will require collaborative interaction and promote independenc




    Vocal Music

    • Singing in a choral music ensemble
    • Sight-singing musical notation
    • Sing music representing diverse cultures and genres
    • Sing with expression and technical accuracy
    • Perform a repertoire of songs from memory
    • Have solo opportunities
    • Listening and analyzing master vocalist
    • Evaluating vocal performances

    Music theory, history and composition

    • Playing Orff instruments, keyboards, recorders and      multi-cultural percussion instruments
    • Reading musical notation
    • Recognizing and studying works of master artists
    • Compose original works of art


    • Developing acting abilities and self-assurance
    • Creating and performing plays, stories and dialogue
    • Gaining a knowledge of technical theater terms and skills


    Dance (Movement)

    • Create and arrange movement to accompany choral and instrumental songs
    • Demonstrate skills by moving to music of various styles representing diverse cultures

    Music Technology

    • Compose original musical compositions
    • Record and share original music
    • Learn how to play guitar chords and piano
    • Use software to assist in writing music notation