5th Grade Music Class - 5th Grade Music



    Music/choir class is a comprehensive class for 5th grade students that provide exploratory activities in vocal music, drama, music theory, history, composition, dance and music technology.    Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in these subject areas. By incorporating their skills, students will create and produce original performances that include music and drama.


    Course Objectives:  

    • Music is learned through listening, performing and creating.
    • Music learning involves solving musical problems – listening, creating, and performing problems.
    • Many aspects of music are related to other disciplines, including symbolic representations of ideas, pattern, form, structure, shape, color, and interpretation in other arts (including language arts); connection to ratio and sets in math; study of sound in science; and historical and cultural connections in social studies.
    • There will be a wide range of musical concepts with historical and cultural authenticities within different music styles and genres.
    • Music making in this class will require collaborative interaction and promote independence. 


    Discipline Policy

    In order for our group to be successful, we must each contribute to the team in a positive way.  If an individual chooses to disrupt the class or refuses to do his/her part in the class, I will take disciplinary action. My discipline policy is consistent with the student handbook. Parents will be notified of detentions in a timely manner.
    Students will receive:

    • Verbal warning (often will include separation from the class for a short period of time and student will fill out a warning sheet explaining his/her behavior).
    • Written warning documented individual teacher/student conference with parent notification
    • 30 – 60 minute documented detention with parent notification (student will fill out a detention sheet explaining his/her behavior.)
    • Teacher/parent/student conference



    The 3 components to the Music Class

    Classroom participation:  Citizenship grades are based upon the student’s attitude and willingness to participate on a daily basis.  They are expected to be able to follow all the classroom rules and expectations.  Every student will lose 10 points in participation if they chose not to take part in an activity.  Absences will not be counted against them.


    Performance Participation:  It is absolutely essential that each student participate in every performance.  The date/s are given in advance please mark them on your calendar.  If there are changes in dates or times the teacher will notify you as soon as they occur.


    Worksheets/Quizzes:  Music will have assignments, tests and sometimes homework.  It will be written work that is based off of music theory and history.