Birthday Policy

  • Note from Mr. Renner:

    We have decided as a building to no longer have birthday food items in the building. We are not trying to dampen the day or the excitement of your child's big day. This is a safety issue that I cannot have our lunch staff personnel try to memorize over 500 students dietary needs and hoping the students will be honest and tell us if they can or cannot have a treat. 


    Note from Ms. Hukkala:

    We will celebrate your child on their special day. In leiu of a food item, your family may choose to celebrate by donating a book to our classroom library in honor of your child. This is completely optional but the students would love it and it would be much appreciated. Students will also pick from the big prize bin in our classroom on their birthday. 


    If your child is having a birthday party, please do not have your child handing out invites at school.  Please get the addresses or phone numbers of the other students so you can send the invites directly to the students' home.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.