Personal Items

  • Back Packs

    Please help your child stay organized by providing him/her with a backpack.  Please label the back pack with their name.  Please put your family number in the back pack too.  A homework folder and planner will travel between us each day.  Please check your child's back pack, folder, and planner every day.

    Water Bottles
    The kids can bring in a water bottle.  Please do not fill your child's bottle with any sweetened or flavored water. 

    Every 2nd grader will receive a planner for the purpose of recording homework assignments.  Students will learn responsibility through managing their planner.  Parents will need to sign the planner each evening to ensure homework was completed and also to check on daily student progress and behavior.  The planner is an important communication link between parents and teacher.  Use it to write notes and/or questions to me and I will respond back to you.

    Take Home Folders

    Every 2nd grader will also receive a Take Home folder. This folder will travel with the planner.  Each evening, homework or other important papers will come home in this folder.  

    Please label EVERYTHING with your child's last name.