My Homework

  • Homework Information

    Reading - Students are required to read every night for a least twenty minutes. Reading fluency practice is part of your child's reading homework.  The fluency practice will be sent home on Mondays and it is due on Fridays. 

    Writing - Most of your child's writing work will take place at school.  If your child doesn't manage their time effectively, they may occasionally have some writing homework.

    Math - Students will frequently have math homework which gives the students the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in class. You can also see what they are learning too.    

    Spelling - The kids will be given spelling words on Mondays and their spelling test will be on Fridays.  Students will have spelling sentences which will be due on Fridays.   

    Science & Social Studies - Throughout the year there will be various projects the students will be working on in class.  Once in awhile your child may have to bring this home to work on. 

    Please check your child's agenda daily.  Your support is appreciated.