My Homework

  • Welcome to Our Homework Page
    Students in our class need to remember some important weekly assisgnments:
    • Spelling words for the week come home on Monday.
    • Spelling homework comes home on Wednesdays and should be signed by an adult.
    • Math work will only come home if there is work to be completed. The Extend Your Thinking packets are worked on at school but many times need to be completed at home.
    • Read everyday for at least 20 minutes.
    • Always bring back your Friday folder and parent comment sheet on Monday.
    • Please check our calendar for major assignment due dates.
    • MONDAY ~
      Spelling letters come home for each lesson. Please put these in a spot where you and your student can refer to the weekly words each day for practice.
      TUESDAY ~
      "Dear Parents" spelling homework comes homes. Please work with your child to complete the worksheet. **Don't forget to sign it and have them bring it back to school on THURSDAY. The work you do Wednesday night, is reflected in the 'Skills Test' on our Cloze Story review every Thursday. Your child will benefit greatly by completing this homework.

      THURSDAY ~

      FRIDAY ~Our Friday Folders come home every Friday. It is a good idea to go through all of the assignments your child has completed for the week. If there are undesirable grades, have your child explain the assignment to you and ask them why they think they did poorly. Also, if your child has good/great papers, don't forget to praise them for a job well done. **Be sure the sign the 'Weekly Packet' sheet, put it back in the Friday Folder and have your child return them on Monday.   


       * On-going homework consists of practicing basic math fact, especially addition and subtraction. In a couple of months we will begin the introduction of multiplication & division, so it never hurts to be prepared.
       * Also, reading every day for 20-30 minutes will strengthen your child's ability and confidence.
       * Finally, ask specific questions about his/her day such as "What did you do in reading (or math or science or writing or spelling or social studies or health) today? Be specific and you will get more information.
       * ***'Homework beyond the list above, is work that was not completed at school for that day. Please be sure your child completes the work and returns it the next day. It is difficult to follow up on work that does not come back immediately. it becomes forgotten, lost or even thrown away.