Kandinsky Circles (Kindergarten)

  • Kandinsky Circles


    Wassily Kandinsky was an influential Russian painter who is credited with painting the first purely abstract painting.  Abstract art is a work of art that uses the various elements of art (Line, color, shape, space, texture, form and value) without completely representing something from the real world.  In this lesson, the kindergartners studied his painting, Several Circles.  As they looked at this picture, the students noticed that Kandinsky used a variety of colors as well as a variety of different sized circles.  Though this painting is abstract, many students said the picture reminded them of planets in outer space.

    After studying the painting, students created their own version of Several Circles. 

    On the first day of this lesson they painted a sheet of paper with watered down black tempera paint.  Though they only used black paint, because it was watered down some areas of their papers appeared lighter or darker than others.

    On the second day of the lesson, they drew a variety of different sized circles in pencil and applied color to them with crayons.

    On the third and fourth day of the lesson the students cut out their circles and glued them onto their black painted sheets of paper.

    Several Circles


    Wassily Kandinsky

    Pictured below are samples of art work created by kindergarten students from this lesson.  You may see these and many more examples on display in the hallways of Hilton Elementary.