Miro Hands (First Grade)

  • “Miro Hands”

    First Grade

    Have you ever had an interesting dream?  You’ve probably noticed that things can happen in dreams that can’t happen in real life.  In dreams, people can fly, animals can talk and sometimes in the scary dreams, monsters can chase after you.  Some artists, like Joan Miro, were inspired by things like those that happen in dreams.  These artists were called Surrealists.  For this lesson, the first grade students spent time studying one of Mr. Miro’s paintings, Hirondelle Amour (Pictured below).  As the students studied the picture, they began to discover some interesting things that looked like strange birds, flying fish, a six fingered hand, robots, a mysterious face and a flying black cat.  Not every student saw the same objects in the picture in the same way.

    After studying and discussing the picture, the students created their own versions of the picture.  They had to trace their arm and hand three or four times across their paper.  The had the option of adding a sixth finger to their hands.  In the empty areas around their pictures, they added some similar things to the ones they saw in Miro’s painting.  After drawing their picture in pencil and sharpie, they applied color with crayon and then painted the remaining white areas of the picture with watercolor paint.

    "Hirondelle Amour"

    Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893-1983)

    Barcelona, late fall 1933-winter 1934. Oil on canvas, 6' 6 1/2" x 8' 1 1/2" (199.3 x 247.6 cm).

    Below are some samples of painting/drawings created by first grade students during the 2012-2013 school year.  More samples may be seen on display in the hallways of Hilton Elementary.